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Experience Your Body’s Potential

Holistic health practitioner Michael Mitchell, owner of Body Solutions 101 in Solana Beach, has had a decades-long passion for the study of movement and posture. In 1994, This former massage therapist began to study Rolfing and became certified in Structural Integration in 2001. 

        “The Rolf Method is the best modality I know of for removing wrong patterns and postures, leading to the relief of pain,” says this practitioner, whose shares that his greatest enjoyment is watching his clients’ health improve as they remove blocks and tension. “This is a rewarding practice: helping others move into their process by ‘letting go’ of old patterns and habits.”

        According to Mitchell, the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a systematic form of manual manipulation that aligns and organizes the body as a whole. “Structural Integration is a scientifically validated therapy and is customized to recognize each individual’s unique compensations and structural patterns. As compensations start to let go, the body will continue to organize itself, allowing for greater ease, movement and a better posture,” explains Mitchell.

        Mitchell shares that the intension of this work is to help us feel at home and grounded in our bodies. “This process of awareness, where we recognize and undo unhealthy patterns is a fascinating one, especially when we discover how the body responds. When you are secure and supported, your life is easier, and you get more out of it. A well-lived, healthy life is rewarding. Live your potential and experience your body’s intelligence.”

Body Solutions 101 is located at 535 North Coast Hwy. 101, Ste. D, in Solana Beach. For more information, call 760-715-2122 or visit