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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Sustainable friendship

Mornings are my creative part of the day. I’d be participating in the March for Our Lives happening today in downtown San Diego if I didn’t have this looming magazine deadline.  My opportunity to march for a better planet Earth and humanity is to deliver Natural Awakenings to you each month.

        Our planet’s climate changes are more prominent, and scientists worldwide confirm it, which means global intervention. Our youngsters out marching today is just one indication of how we are becoming more vocal about demanding change. This alone shows promise. Be aware and act. There are so many things we can do to help our environment and setting examples for our younger generation is key. Bring your own utensils, eliminate throw away straws, plastic water bottles and the list goes on. It begins with education.  Higher education globally and amongst our youth brings on new, innovative and sustainable choices.

         I just made a sustainable choice by ordering a Kagan water unit to sustain my health and our environment. My monthly interactions with my publication’s participants are always synergistic. I am now going down the rabbit hole of studying water.  Drinking water is a highly valued commodity and faces extinction. Zimbabwe is already rationed and so it begins. Learn about alkalinity and what really is in your water. Read the news brief on page 8, and learn where you can get your drinking water tested for free in Solana Beach. It’s a good start.

        May this Earth Day inspire you to find your voice and heart for positive change.  Natural Awakenings will be at the Earth Day event in Balboa park. We hope to see you there and everywhere. Our dearest Mother Earth needs us to show up in a positive way. She’s certainly been there for us. Let’s show her how much we care.