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Facial Acupuncture: Natural and Age-Defying

Acupuncture has been cited by the World Health Organization for conditions from allergies and asthma to back pain and infertility, but a lesser-known course of acupuncture treatment is facial rejuvenation.

       In Chinese medicine, every living being has “qi”, which is a kind of life force or energy. Acupuncture works by targeting the points on the body that are believed to have blockages of qi. These blockages cause illness and specific points of blockage relate to specific conditions. Facial acupuncture, like other acupuncture treatments, focuses on balancing qi and clearing blockages using extremely fine needles to alert your cells to pay attention to the area needled.

       Acupuncture also enhances healthy cell growth, creates an appealing facial glow, and promotes the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen, naturally produced by the body, reduces lines and wrinkles by cushioning skin cells, making skin soft and flexible. Facial acupuncture is commonly used to treat puffy eyes or dark circles, sagging of the neck or double chin, crow’s feet and acne.

       The best results are achieved through consistent treatment, as opposed to a one-time effort. For facial acupuncture, a schedule of 10 consecutive treatments about three days apart, or twice a week, is recommended. While it may take consistent sessions to diminish wrinkles, your face will look revitalized and have a healthy glow after just one treatment.

       Facial acupuncture can be combined with other holistic treatments such as Chinese herbs and foods rich in antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.


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