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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Vanessa Fleur

Summer has arrived and so have I—as Natural Awakenings San Diego’s new co-publisher! Having had the pleasure of meeting so many partners and readers already, with such a warmth, I can literally feel the movement toward natural health that Elaine has created with this community. I’m so grateful to feel at home being a part of it. 

        I consider myself a San Diegan, having lived here for more than a decade. However, I grew up in the agricultural beach community of Ventura, so July’s nutrition theme, which includes some great feature articles like "Farmers Rooted in Health and Anti-Inflammatory Diets", is right up my alley. Learning from an early age about food via my grandparents' garden, I’ve always considered the old phrase “you are what you eat” to be very true. So much so, I’ve become a vegetarian to reduce inflammation and dial in my habitual eating aka “diet.”

        Recently, I saw the film Kissed by God at La Paloma. It is a gripping, honest and emotional documentary about three-time world surf champion Andy Irons and the battle that he eventually lost to opioids. Because our community needs to be aware of this dangerous epidemic and the natural solutions that can save lives, I highly recommend the film. In addition, the one article I’d love for everyone to read this month is "Better Options than Opioids". 

        I’m so thrilled to be on this new journey with Natural Awakenings and I leave you with the words of one of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, “I have arrived. I am home. My destination is each step.”

May your month be filled with much love, joy and abundance!