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Enhance Your Life and Relationships with the Enneagram

Jul 30, 2018 08:45PM ● By Michael Mitchell




The word Enneagram means “9 styles” and refers to the nine basic personality styles of people. Through observation of these styles, we learn that not only is everyone born with a personality, but it is shaped by parents, friends and culture. Much of our personality is ego driven and stems from the unconscious. Usually at some point in life, we start to observe our behavior—especially when we are in relationships. As we become more conscious and awake we can began to change our behaviors.

        The Enneagram, a very old system of observation, recognizes that each of the 9 personality types has their own specific patterns, as well as gifts.

The 9 types are as follows:

1. The good person
2. The giving person
3. The great person
4. The creative person
5. The thinking person
6. The questioning person
7. The enthusiastic person
8. The strong person
9. The peaceful person

Three of the types are predominantly mental/head types, three are heart or feeling types, and three are body-centered or gut types.

        While everyone has a little bit of all nine personality types in them, and therefore can relate to all types, we each have a basic personality type that defines how we relate to the world. As we mature, we learn to appreciate all types of people and appreciate our own unique personality with its gifts and strengths.

        The goal of Enneagram work is to help people make rapid advancements in their psychological and spiritual growth. The results from this outstanding work can help in one’s personal and professional life. In fact, this personality work is used by management in many major corporations including Google, IBM, Dove and Nike. It is also used by the CIA to profile people.

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