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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Sep 30, 2018 06:29PM

At Seattle’s Pike Place Market with life long friend.

I’ve been a visionary, entrepreneur and publisher of this magazine for nine extraordinary, evolutionary years.

        I believe I’ve always been a “game-changer”. Growing up back East, during the winter months my siblings, friends and I stayed indoors a lot playing games like Monopoly and Risk.  We always made up new rules to enhance the fun and create better odds for the disadvantaged players. To me, it was more enjoyable when everybody was having a good time.

        Of course, there were always a few sharks who tried to change the rules for personal gain.  We affectionately called these game-changers “NY Rules”. I broke a lot of rules growing up. I just couldn’t digest rules that didn’t work, or just didn’t make sense to me. That’s not exactly the game-changers we are referring to in this issue. However, isn’t it the same thing in a way?

        All we have to do is allow ourselves to think outside the box, leave our comfort zones and eliminate stigmas. We’re going through a game-changing time in history, that couldn’t be made possible without game-changers at the forefront of the movement. We just broke ground to an infinite amount of possibilities. For instance, we’ve legalized cannabis on a state level. Now we’re aiming to make hemp, a plant in the cannabis family, legal on a federal level. Years ago, hemp was unfairly lumped into classification as a schedule 1 drug. Hemp has over 25,000 possible uses that can benefit our health and environment. It can be used medicinally as CBD, with no psychotropic properties. It should never have been classified as a narcotic for that reason alone. Thankfully, the 2018 Farm Bill, which includes the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, should be passed by the time you are reading this. The bill will declassify hemp as a schedule 1 drug, thus allowing hemp products and CBD to be sold in all 50 states. Onward and upward folks. 

        If you happen to have an alcoholic drink in your hand while reading this, but you’re thinking that CBD as a medicine is “out there”, I invite you to ponder what’s blocking your mind from accepting newer ways of living a healthier lifestyle.  Crypto currency and block chain technology are breakthrough technologies, just like digging gold was back in the day, except now it’s a virtual dig. True, you may not strike a pot gold, but if you don’t dig at all, it’s an absolute truth that you will find nothing. Dig deep into your mind, heart and soul and discover unlimited valuable commodities that are here for us now. Linda Sechrist’s article on game changers (see page 14) says a lot about our younger generation. They are changing the rules. Like me when I was younger, they’re having a hard time digesting a lot of the rules that we created. To them, so many of the old rules just don’t make sense. First comes the mind change, and then the game changes.

        But it’s not just a game. It’s our future, our lives and our peace.

        Thanks to all you game-changers out there making it happen.



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