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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Nov 28, 2018 09:05AM

Looking back. Birmin Beach Indonesia

This letter may be my deepest. Please do not mistake my tone as sadness. It’s something much, much deeper: Truth. One of my co-workers last month checked in with me to make sure I was OK as she sensed a sadness in my last letter. Yes and no.

       I’ve been in Indonesia for two weeks with my friend Julie. Just a few days into my trip, I was in a scooter accident. I literally had to be carried up and down long steep stone steps to and from the hospital. I was blown away by the generosity of the locals who were willing to carry me around.

       I ended up with an infected foot wound and was told that I couldn’t go in the water. I spent the remainder of my trip as a spectator, submerged in vulnerability. It absolutely pained me not to be able to swim and surf in the glistening warm water that was just steps away from me each day but I made the best of it. I got baptized in the ocean while Julie held my foot up. I was witness to Julies' joy for catching a fun glassy face of a wave; I observed and listened to all that was going on around me.  Living vicariously.

       One night, as thunder and lightning roared and struck, a 5.0 earthquake hit 50 miles off shore.  With one foot propped up, I rocked and rolled, as did my thoughts. I’ve lived in SoCal long enough to know what an earthquake feels like. This time around, I was unusually calm about it. Que sera, sera. I  worked through my feelings and was able to fall back asleep.

       Meanwhile, California is on fire, elections are igniting, and I am enlightened.  I’m still processing as I write this. I tentatively fly home tomorrow knowing I have to get my magazine to the printer. I hope to bring home a message. The importance of communities and people coming together is NOW.

              Show up instead of showing off is my new saying.  The world is on fire and we must come together to manage the global flames. We all have a fireman in us. And it’s time for us to show up with our best feet forward and our brightest smiles for those in need—especially this holiday season.



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