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Local Wellness Consultant Touts Benefits : of Homeopathic HGH Gel

Kasey Congleton, owner of Inspired By Kasey, became a New U-Life Independent Consultant/Distributor because she firmly believes in the company’s feature product Somaderm Gel, a revolutionary homeopathic transdermal HGH (human growth hormone) gel.  “I’m enthusiastic about the results I’m seeing so far,” she says. “The product is the star and I’m just thankful to be along for this ride. My team and I are building fast, but that is only the side benefit. Offering people something natural to the body, which is proven and shown to be so beneficial to your health and well-being, is the best part. I believe this hormone, HGH, is so needed. I’ve personally benefitted greatly from the product. In addition to several other health improvements, on day three, my chronic 20-year sinus condition that I had been suffering with completely cleared up! It’s even better today, four months in and what a relief to breathe well. No more sinus meds for me.”

       According to Congleton, HGH is a single chain peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. “It’s known as your ‘master hormone’. HGH levels begin to drop in your body starting at around age 25, hence the imbalance of hormones among other things, then the aging process begins, and slowly declines the rest of your life,” she says. “The positive benefits of having HGH added back into the body are documented and well-known, but it has only been available through injection until now. Those mega doses are also known to carry side effects along with a high price tag.”

       The homeopathic form of HGH available in this transdermal gel has a 14-year history of being effective in helping the body regain it’s vigor and vitality along with being totally safe. Zero adverse side effects have been reported with this product. “All you need to do is rub it into your skin two to three times a day,” says Congleton.

       Somaderm Gel is FDA-registered and has a National Drug Code number, which means it’s approved for over-the-counter use. “No prescription is required. To date, thousands of people have gushed over their results by using this one incredible product,” attests Congleton, who shares that benefits may include improved stamina, increased strength and energy, heightened libido, greater flexibility, enhanced focus, better skin elasticity, better sleep, and faster wound healing. “The list goes on and on. Healthier hair and nails, reduced PMS symptoms, and just a better functioning immune system,” says this health enthusiast, who notes that the expected benefits listed above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

       Congleton welcomes all inquiries about this innovative product. “I look forward to sharing my knowledge and hope to help create a healthier, more robust San Diego,” she adds. “This one incredible product, with its over 40 potential benefits, is something I hope everyone gets the chance to experience.”


Kasey Congleton is the founder of a large, North County San Diego based New U-Life leadership team that hosts weekly meetups and more. For more information on the product or for future business opportunities, call 442-222-8211, email [email protected] or visit to preview the product. 



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