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Old School Hawaiian Shave Ice

Encinitas residents Jeff Anshel, owner of E Street Eyes, and his partner Ginnie Mathews, founder of Esculent Oils, are excited to announce their new business Old School Shave Ice. “It’s the best way to enjoy the cool treat of shave ice made the authentic Hawaiian way and customized with your favorite flavors,” says Anshel.

       The pair explain that they were visiting Anshel’s son in Hawaii when they discovered true Hawaiian Shave Ice. “We got so excited about the idea of launching our own business in San Diego County,” says Mathews, who shares that they officially launched their “Woodstock Bus” at the end of October.

       The Old School Shave Ice team will demonstrate a touch of nostalgia for those who are truly “old-school”. “We purchased a 1982 school bus and had it renovated to take you back to Woodstock days,” says Anshel. “The bus will travel to school events, farmers' markets, birthday parties, sporting events and even weddings—virtually anywhere in San Diego County where a group is gathering to have fun.”

       This dynamic duo has gone to great lengths to replicate the “authentic Hawaiian” tradition of creating a delectable treat that is satisfying, healthy and fun. Their syrups are organic and contain natural flavors. “There is no corn syrup or artificial colors,” assures Mathews. “We’re also maintaining a sense of environmental responsibility by using eco-friendly materials such as compostable cups, recycled paper napkins, cornstarch spoons and bamboo paper straws.”


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