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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Gentle, Effective Colon Hydrotherapy

Darla Bhatia

Years ago, while hoping to relieve a constant fatigue that she couldn’t seem to overcome, Darla Bhatia, owner of Wellness from Within Colon Hydrotherapy in San Diego, decided to try colon hydrotherapy.  Her experience was a literal wake-up call.  “After cleansing, I noticed not only more energy, but also a profound sense of mental clarity, improved inner awareness and peace,” she recalls.

              In fact, Bhatia loved the way she felt after her treatments so much, she became a certified therapist so that colon therapy would always be a part of her health journey. “I was really inspired to share my positive experience with others by helping them along their own path to a flourishing body, mind and spirit,” she says. “My experience with colon hydrotherapy brought to my attention that when you let go of what is not benefiting you, it’s easier to see what does.” 

              Bhatia has been a certified professional colon hydrotherapist since 2015. She was certified by the American Institute of Natural Health whose multi-level curriculum is founded on decades of research and is conducted in conjunction with Specialty Health Products, Inc., which has transformed the process of colon hydrotherapy by manufacturing high quality, hygienic equipment to deliver the most advanced, gentle and effective treatments available. 


Location: 8312 Lake Murray Blvd., Ste. K, San Diego. For appointments and more information, call 858-414-9489.