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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Personal Training with Nicole Zapoli


What a great time of year to get your heart pumping. One way to do it is by working with trainer Nicole Zapoli.  I’ve worked with Nicole for the last several weeks and, boy, has my heart been pumping.  In such a short amount of time, I’ve strengthened many of my muscles, especially my core, and, yes, I’ve been super sore—all in a good way!
          Nicole’s training style is steady and consistent—and she’s got a rock-hard body to match. She truly walks the talk!

        Plus, Nicole has a positive approach and is always smiling—even as she pushes you through your comfort zones. Yet, she listens when you feel too challenged and/or have concerns about certain exercises and past injuries. Like all trainers, you must give them feedback so they can adjust to your age and physical criteria. I know I threw a fair amount of adjustments her way and she adapted to my request quickly. I liked that I learned not to push myself beyond my ability, which is hard for me.

        I feel it was a combination of my age and Nicole’s dedication that paired us both well. I learned to surrender and modify and endure in a healthy way. That alone speaks volumes for any personal trainer—one that listens to your body!

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