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Health and Wealth Can Co-exist in Harmony

Kai Van Bodhi and Alex Fairman

Can you be financially successful without sacrificing your long-term health, relationships and happiness? An interview with Kai Van Bodhi, an entrepreneur who has taught qigong and Peak Performance ot over 50,000 people in live seminars.

Alex Fairman:  I think for a lot of people these days it seems like we have to make this hard choice between constantly hustling for outer success (and experiencing stress) or struggling financially but experiencing a fulfilling life filled with inner peace. Is this true for you?

Kai Van Bodhi:  It’s definitely not true, thank God. There are people right now who are experiencing their greatest impact and income, but who are doing it from a place of deep inner nourishment. I can say that last year was the year I contributed the most to the world and earned the most income, but because of the practices, I did it in a graceful, balanced way.

          Right now, there is a renaissance of ancient wisdom that is coming back to reconnect us with our souls and ‘declutter’ our minds from the madness. These techniques, the most basic being yoga, meditation and breathwork, have already made a massive resurgence in our time. These not only improve our well-being and health, but they also help us get clear on how to create the most value with our talents (and as a result, the most income).

The amazing thing is that modern neuroscience has allowed us to finally measure these ancient practices and clearly shows us what is happening when we use them. The results are incredible—I believe there are over 22 proven benefits to regular meditation at this point.

AF:  If these ancient wisdom systems work as you say, and neuroscience is proving their effectiveness, why are so many people still caught in overwhelm and anxiety?

KVB:   It comes down to implementation. Right now, people are overwhelmed with all this information. There’re so many books, podcasts and YouTube videos coming at us every day that we often don’t know what to actually do. And even when you sit down to do the practices, what do you do? Hours at the gym? Long meditation retreats?

          And people really don’t have much free time to work with. They often get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. This was really the inspiration behind Pathway of Power which has been my life’s journey to gather all the best practices from the ancient teachers and use modern neuroscience to distill them into the most effective form for today. This way, if you have only 20 minutes free—but you want to feel at your best and enter a flow state for a big creative project—you will know exactly what to do.

AF:  Can you briefly describe how the Pathway of Power works?

KVB:   There are six core practices, each of which provides specific benefits to your life. They include a breath practice, movement practice, micro meditation, morning tonic, journaling practice, and a weekly reflective process that exposes areas for growth.

          It takes under 30 minutes a day to do all six, which is pretty amazing considering the power of the benefits they provide. Just one of the benefits is that these practices massively increase your ability to enter what’s called “flow state,” a special brain wave pattern associated with peak performance. In a McKinsey study among executives, those who entered flow state during work were five times as productive. For most of my clients, that reason alone is enough to bring them through my doors. After 20 years of working at this, I’m just honored to be where I am and to be able to serve people with something that truly helps them show up heroically.


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