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Healing Sanctuary Offers One-on-one Retreats for Cancer Patients

Feb 28, 2019 03:13PM

“Are you dealing with cancer?” asks Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MB, FACOG. “Are you recently diagnosed, currently going through treatment, or told you are having a recurrence? Are you feeling scared, alone, helpless and unsure of what to do next? There are times in our lives when we need to retreat, to find that safe and supportive space to completely relax and heal ourselves.” 

      Dr. Jean-Murat, known to the community as Dr. Carolle, offers that sacred space with her exclusive one-on-one retreats in her beautiful healing sanctuary on Mt. Helix. Retreat attendees will learn to harness their healing power, make the right decisions for their present situation, and experience inner peace while finding their true selves. “You can leave your worries behind as you cleanse your body, mind and soul,” she says. “During our special time together, you’ll learn stress-releasing tools and how to release negative energy and toxic emotions in a safe space catered to helping you find your true self while giving you an opportunity to just ‘be.’ You will feel safe, nurtured and accepted for who you are, as is.”  

      By taking time to be away from it all, Dr. Jean-Murat explains that retreaters will get a chance to reprioritize their lives and reconnect with the parts of themselves that have been put on the back burner. “I will teach you the tools that you need in order to see who you really are, how powerful you can be, and how to unleash the power that resides within all of us. You’ll leave understanding exactly what you need to do to thrive. You’ll get clarity in all the areas of your life, and leave feeling hopeful, rejuvenated, renewed, inspired and with the tools you need to be in charge of your life from now on—in spite of the challenges life may bring you,” assures Dr. Jean-Murat.

One-, two- and three-night retreats are available. For more information, call 619-741-7261, email [email protected] or visit visit




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