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Karate and Self-Defense Training for Women at Heads Up! in Solana Beach

I’ve always loved the discipline of the martial arts—from the self-defense aspect to the amazing workout. What I haven’t always loved was feeling intimidated in a martial arts class with a group of mixed gender and abilities. Enter Heads Up! Debbie Love offers up women only karate and self-defense training. It’s exactly what I have been seeking.

        There is no better time than now to honor women’s empowerment with just that—power. This includes the mental, spiritual and physical power needed to help protect ourselves and our beloved sisters, mothers, cousins, friends and colleagues.

         I’ve been fortunate enough to take private lessons with Love, a five-foot-tall black belt, who initially learned the martial arts in a full room of men so she could protect a world full of women. And that is exactly what she is doing. Help her mission and help protect all the females in your life. Self-defense should be a mindset and learned early on, so it becomes ingrained in us early on.

         You’ll love taking classes at Heads Up! Love’s authenticity, passion and patience help make a challenging art a mindful experience. I always leave invigorated and, yes, wanting every woman to take her classes and attend her lectures.

         You can read more about Love and her mission in the news brief on page 8 and on her website. However, the real essence of Love’s powerful passion comes from meeting her in person.

For more information, call 760-455-8562 or visit