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Infrared Sauna for Health and Longevity

Apr 27, 2019 08:41PM

Colleen Patrice, M.A. Spiritual Psychology and author of Lighten Your Toxic Load (2014), has dedicated her life to the Healing Arts. Ironically, after publishing her book, Patrice was feeling chronically unwell and tired. She suffered from aches and pains, numbness and tingling, candida, depression and insomnia. The root cause turned out to be toxic levels of mercury. As prescribed, she used her doctor’s in-office Infrared (IR) Sauna to sweat out the heavy metals. After about six months of consistent sessions, Patrice’s mercury levels dropped to virtually nil.

       “Sweating is indeed one of our greatest allies,” affirms Patrice. “The IR Sauna is specifically designed to gently but deeply heat our body’s core to induce a highly efficient method of sweating. As such, the IR Sauna is revealing numerous holistic health benefits—from heart health to brain health and everything in between. “The benefits ultimately come down to releasing toxins, which are a definitive source of many health epidemics we currently face.”

       After extensive research, Patrice recently opened Luminthera—a small, local, independent dealer of the highest quality Infrared Sauna on the market.

“Consistent use of a high-quality Infrared Sauna is perhaps the best tool we have to stay healthy and happy in an increasingly toxic world,” she says. “I’m here to help educate, provide heart-centered service, and be a resource for both individuals and businesses in San Diego County.”

For more information email [email protected]inthera or visit Mention Natural Awakenings and receive $400 to $600 off.



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