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Mullen Physical Therapy Opens in Carlsbad

Apr 27, 2019 08:44PM

Carlsbad resident Diane Mullen is excited to announce the launch of Mullen Physical Therapy. Her practice, which focuses on preventative care services, will cater to clients both online and in person in Carlsbad.

        Mullen shares that she started her business to help teach others how to prevent injury. “Traditional physical therapy has focused on post-injury or post-surgical services. It’s my mission to try to get information and guidance to clients to help prevent common pain and injury scenarios from happening in the first place,” says this practitioner who offers one-on-one in person sessions in Carlsbad, small group sessions, or individual one-on-one services online for California and Washington residents. 

        Mullen has been a physical therapist since 2000, working in traditional physical therapy clinics and treating orthopedic conditions of all types. “After treating so many conditions that are highly preventable, I’m now devoted to trying to help people avoid as much pain and injury as possible to enjoy their favorite life activities as long as possible,” she says.

        Mullen left the traditional physical therapy setting and ventured out on her own to offer these services in comfortable settings, including homes, beaches and parks in Carlsbad, as well as online. “Many common injuries are a result of either poor exercise form, poor body mechanics, or a lack of the correct stretching/strengthening program to counter repetitive activities. My hope is to take on pain and injury on the flip-side and reduce the chances of it happening for as many people as possible.”

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