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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Spending quality time with a childhood friend

Our May’s women wellness issue is here along with our theme on global women’s wellness. I spent Easter Sunday with my daughter and her puppy, Harper. It was just us girls and it was so special. We self-nurtured in love, laughter, food, walks and bathed in puppy love. Yes, we even had an Easter bone hunt. We were inspired by Harper’s uncanny resemblance of a bunny rabbit and our natural instinct of motherhood.

        I am/was an overachiever. I am an independent woman, and I can say the same about my daughter. However, too much of anything needs awareness and adjusting. My daughter went to see our talented and passionate rolfer Michael Mitchell, founder of Body Solutions, in Solana Beach. My childhood friend, who just visited me for a week, also took time to get rolfed. We self-nurtured in friendship, food, fun and lots of laughter. My other local girlfriends also visited with Michael at Body Solutions and so many other quality professionals in our community and, proudly enough, many in my publication. The best news is the number of women marching forward in self-care.

        Our featured article “Her Soul in Bloom” says it all and more. It has become a way of being for women. The aging woman now is a very new breed. In a way, I feel I was born into women empowerment due to my personal upbringing. It was almost innate in me. Losing my mother at a young age made me a very independent woman, to a fault on many occasions, but that was my life. Bathing is self-care and learning to love myself is absolutely key to my survival in my later years. Survival was key in my younger years, so I thought. Then along comes wisdom. The aha moments come to us at all ages. We experience, evolve and grow into these strong, loving, capable women.

        We’ve swung the pendulum way to the right and like everything, it will probably have to swing a little left to get it on target. It’s why I feel a woman would make for a perfect president. By the way, I love men, too. I have many male friends that I adore—and sometimes even prefer at times. Men are learning how to deal with this new breed of women, so be sure to cut them some slack as they navigate this amazing new world of empowered women. Speaking of amazing...check out the CBD article in the Natural Pet section and Publisher’s Pick. CBD is as miraculous as all those amazing, empowered women in our lives!

Happy Women’s and Mother’s Day!