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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Elaine Russo

I’m so glad our monthly theme this month is Brain-Savers. Our brains do a lot of work for us and really could use our support. Busy, overwhelmed brains clutter up our internal environment and create havoc in our bodies. It’s just so much easier to accept having a broken limb than a broken brain. I think we should have the right to end our lives if we have severe dementia, Alzheimer’s, or what have you. I’ve repeatedly asked my daughters to, please—if my brain goes—gently push me over the cliff into the ocean.  Somehow, they’ve always missed the humor in my request. Thankfully, they did agree to have all hair removed from my face at all times. This is a fair request. Then push me off the cliff! I believe in the quality of life and having a sense of humor.

          Preventive brain strategies are becoming more prevalent and surely this a much more effective way to go in lieu of cliff diving. See our "Brain-Savers" article on page 10 to discover many ways to keep our brains healthy.

          Plant medicine and micro dosing are becoming hugely helpful in this arena. Cannabis is rapidly getting more strains specific for certain ailments, which is very progressive. Since it is Father’s Day in June, let's give our men some positive attention. For one, it’s a fact that men’s brains are anatomically different, larger even—just like their muscles. Don’t get mad, ladies, because women’s brains have advantageous linkages in left to right—but wait, so do men! The myth that men think about sex every seven seconds is finally being put to rest. Yes, on average, many of them do think about sex more often than women, and that can be a positive depending on how you look at it. 

          I enjoy the differences. Playing golf with male friends is always a hoot for me, even though I often shoot from the women’s tees. Sometimes I shoot from the men’s tees; it all depends on the circumstances. For you non-golfers, tees are color coded. There will probably be a new law that says we can’t call them lady’s or men’s tees. Maybe there already is one or one on the way? Please, no.

              Thanks, guys, for validating our handicaps and making the game fun. Ladies, take the time to research men. You’ll discover many fascinating things when you come at it with curiosity. While men bashing might be common conversation with a gaggle of gals, research is a much healthier alternative. Modern life is full of stressors for all genders. The best thing we can do is take the preventative measures necessary to keep our minds, and bodies, running as smoothly as possible.

Breathe compassion and smile.