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Changing the World One Container at a Time

Jul 26, 2019 11:28AM ● By Erin Lehn

Jessica Bell, co-founder of reVessel, along with her husband Eddie, has come a long way from her fast food upbringing. As a youth, Bell’s family often relied on convenience foods for sustenance. “Back then, it was common to eat that way. But I was a high-level gymnast and what I didn’t realize at the time were the needs of a growing body and how few nutrients that type of food provided,” she says.

          Fast forward decades later when Bell was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition. “There was so much going on when things spiraled. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with ALS and it was a really rough period for us. Along with losing her to the devastating disease, I was later told that I couldn’t get pregnant,” recalls this passionate health and nutrition advocate. “As soon as I started looking beyond conventional medicine, it became very apparent that our environment has so much to do with our health.”

          Committed to regaining her health, Bell began using food as her medicine. “Nutrition is a wonderful way to bring the body back into balance. It really opened up my eyes to the relationship between ourselves and nature. I realized there’s really no difference: we are nature.” 

          To ensure access to healthy, nutritious meals, Bell began taking her own food everywhere. “As head chef of the family, I even changed the way we celebrated traditions in our home to make them healthier, looking for enriching experiences rather than refined sweets.” Soon, her whole family was eating a plant-dominant diet and regularly exploring new foods. 

          Not long after starting her health quest, Bell’s friends began requesting her meal services. Within a six-week period, she had six families signed up to receive her home-cooked, nutrient-dense, budget-friendly meals. “I was excited for the chance to influence a healthier outcome for these families,” she explains. Her only complaint was the delivery mechanism. “Getting meals to everyone become a huge obstacle for me. I’d already been having issues with the containers I used to tote my own food around—not to mention my kids’ lunches. Delivering meals on this level was a whole new hurdle I couldn’t seem to get around.”

Bell couldn’t find containers that lived up to her goals of being eco-friendly, versatile, modular, leakproof and food safe. So, she decided to take it into her own hands. “As Seth Godin says, the best way to complain is to provide a solution. We can either be a victim or bring the solution into existence,” shares this conscious entrepreneur. “My mother-in-law left us a financial gift and Eddie and I knew we had to use this seed money to create a healthier world.” 

          The Adventure Kit, reVessel’s innovative multi-tasking lunchbox, pairs perfectly with their mission.  “It’s everything I ever wanted in a meal storage system. Whether you’re packing dry snacks for a hike, leftovers to take to the office or cooking during a camping trip, you can use the container for any of your meal needs,” assures Bell. 

          Designed by a team of underwater engineers, The Adventure Kit, a versatile, reusable container system, provides great value for only $95 with high function and fashion. “It’s durable and toxin-free, made with bamboo, recycled steel, silicone and the most inert materials for food contact. It creates a circular economy and reduces dependence on plastic. We set very high standards for ourselves and go along with the theory that you shouldn’t expect other people to do something that you’re not willing to do. Instead of normalizing unhealthy things, our goal is to normalize practices that produce health by removing obstacles,” says this mindful consumer. “We look at how our business impacts the local community, the global community and nature. We look at the overall net impact and strive to set a new standard.”

          Bell appreciates how seamlessly her work and personal life are woven together. “It’s a very powerful place to be. We’re setting ourselves up for amazing alignment and opportunity while dreaming up a better world. We want to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to eliminating toxins in our food chain—especially for our children—one in two of whom currently face a chronic disease,” she says.  “I love being a vessel for a bigger message that’s no longer self-serving. It’s for humanity and our planet. That’s where I get the strength and confidence to take it to the next level. My mother-in-law gave us the gift of abundance and her legacy will be leaving behind so much grace.” 


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