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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Empower Your Life Weekend Workshop

Jul 26, 2019 11:15AM

Dr. Matt James and Tris Thorp are excited to announce an Empowering Your Life event being held October 11 to 13 in Irvine, California. During this experiential weekend workshop, attendees will learn to free their mind of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs by releasing emotional baggage that no longer serves them.

         “Are you ready to transform your life beyond what you thought possible?” asks Dr. James. “Learn to truly bring into your life what you want and deserve. By removing blocks—both mental and emotional—that prevent you from doing, having or changing what you want, you make new choices that support you in getting what you truly deserve in all areas of your life.”

         Empowering Your Life participants will learn powerful and scientifically proven techniques to release painful emotions that no longer serve them, accomplish goals, and live a more fulfilling life. “Apply these techniques to enhance your relationships, enhance your career, and enhance your health and fitness. One weekend and your commitment to a more fulfilling life are all it takes,” affirms Thorp.

         In addition, attendees will learn to set and enforce boundaries for healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships; let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors instantly; use powerful Mental and Emotional Release (MER) techniques to dissolve pain from the past; get in touch with, acknowledge and better manage emotions in the moment; communicate with others in a way that creates a deep sense of connection, acceptance and trust; discover what is truly important by getting in touch with their deepest values; and create a realistic and empowering 30-day action plan to achieve personal, relationship and career goals.

         “Wherever you are on your path, spending this weekend at Empowering Your Life can take you from dreaming to having, from hoping to being, and from wishing to doing,” adds Dr. James, founder of the Empowerment Partnership, the world’s foremost leading authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth.


Cost: $295 when using promo code NATURAL. Register online at, by email at [email protected], or call 800-800-MIND (6463).



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