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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from The Publisher

Elaine Russo

Children’s health and natural pet care are the editorial themes for our August issue. Please note that many more articles are posted on our website each month. I urge you to subscribe online so you can read all our national articles and stay updated on our new and improved digital presence and community partnerships.

          Remarkably, print media is delivering the best returns—even with all our new social media online platforms. Like our climate change, it is shifting, so why not prepare for the shift early?

          We’re taking strides as a society by eliminating paper straws, etc. Of course, many of us print publishers wish we could do the same with paper magazines. However, our readership demographics reveal that people still prefer picking up a hard copy of reading material—especially when it’s not time sensitive. I personally like both hard and digital copies. Like most of the tangible items we enjoy these days, we’re faced with eco-friendly alternatives to choose from. We will continue to distribute hard copy magazines while simultaneously increasing our digital presence.

          ReVessel is a new product that we are featuring this month that is another prime example of an eco-friendly healthy choice for nutrition and our earth.

          Each month, I personally resonate more with certain articles while preparing for print. This month, I’m vibing with the content regarding the importance of raising and preparing our children for a much different world than the one we grew up in. I’m always on board for changing stigmas on mental health and plant medicine. Netflix offers some excellent documentaries on subjects the average media does not want us to know. Educate yourselves and distribute our articles so we can make alternative healthcare a mainstream way of life. Let’s not forget our animals, who prove to be unbiased survey participants. I’ve witnessed time after time how CBD helps animals with anxiety, sleep and pain. Pets don’t understand placebos. It’s just one more reason I love our furry friends.