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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Renowned Animal Communicator Relocates to San Diego

Stacy Krafczyk, founder of All Spirit Healing, has recently relocated to Southern California from Wisconsin. This internationally known professional animal communicator, intuitive reader, medium and Reiki Master Teacher, says, “My passion and love is working with people and animals to build the bridge of telepathic communication and deepen the bond between each species.”

         In addition to in-home sessions for people and their beloved animal companions, Krafczyk offers phone appointments anywhere in the world. “Sometimes people are at a loss with their pets and wonder what their animal is actually thinking,” she says. “Some of their main concerns are about how their pet is feeling, whether it’s okay to add another fur friend to the family, how the pet’s health is, and end of life questions and concerns.”

         With her amazing ability to communicate with pets, Krafczyk can offer guidance and support directly from the animals themselves. “People begin to feel validated knowing their own instinct is correct about their pet. They now understand their behavior,” she assures. “The animals will tell them exactly what they like and don’t like and whether it’s okay to add another animal to the household among the many other pieces of information their animal shares.”

         Krafczyk, who has helped thousands of animals throughout her 15-year career, affirms that animal communication can successfully restore balance and bring peace and harmony to the household. “In addition to residential homes, I love traveling to barns and animal sanctuaries for group readings and teaching workshops at animal facilities,” says this passionate healer, who often combines animal communication and reiki to create a deeper sense of safety and peace for the animal during each session. “I also offer classes and workshops in meditation, intuitive development, reiki and animal communication.”

For more information, call 414-460-4781, email [email protected] or visit