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Last month we featured a community spotlight on local eco-conscious company reVessel who recently introduced their innovative new product, the Adventure Kit, a multi-tasking lunchbox engineered for today’s conscious consumer. The kit includes two 1-cup and two 2-cup containers which insert into an 8-cup main vessel, each with accompanying food-grade silicone storage lids, and one three-piece adventure lid conversion kit.

      Luckily, I get to try out many of the products and services featured within these pages and use this space to share my feedback—or in this case, “foodback”.

      I happened to be leaving town for a week when I acquired a reVessel adventure pack prototype, so I passed it on to my daughter Kathryn to try out first. She was the perfect focus group model as she eats very healthy and packs her own lunch for work.

      She loved the ease of using The Adventure Kit and was very appreciative that the materials were eco-friendly, and the containers have easy removable parts to accommodate personal storage needs for the occasion. In fact, she was upset that she had to return it to me when I got back from my trip. She said she looks forward to using the kit again. She said she loved everything about it. The only thing she thought could be improved upon in future models would be to include an added handle for carrying purposes.

      I’m just beginning to play with it and my feelings are the same. I love The Adventure Kit and will definitely be using it in my camping van. It’s a product that will make it easier for me to plan to eat healthy on-the-go. I look forward to receiving our new kits and eating healthy as I travel with my food instead of traveling for food.

      One of the things I love about reVessel co-owners Jessica and Eddie Bell is their desire to educate others on healthy cooking. In fact, on September 22 reVessel will host its first adult cooking class in collaboration with Berry Good Academy at Specialty Produce’s Studio Kitchen. They will be giving way five free pairs of tickets to this event on their social media account @reVesselUSA. According to the Bells, this event kicks off a series of culinary workshops intended to inspire and build confidence in the kitchen.

      In addition, reVessel will soon be announcing workshops designed for children to learn how they can be part of a sustainable food system while developing essential culinary skills and healthy habits.

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