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Letter from Publisher

It’s obvious that people are spending less time watching TV these days due to their preoccupation with their smartphones and other media devices. The sheer amount of information available to us at any given moment is overwhelming, to say the least. As we scour the internet for information—especially for information that is pertinent to our health and well-being—it’s important to find places we can trust to deliver this material. It’s been my pleasure and my duty to bring you educational news that will hopefully better your own life and the lives of others. I am the messenger, not the say all.  I always ask that you open your minds and eyes to what is going on around you and revisit stigmas.

       I’ve been referred to as the barter shaman. I hold that handle endearingly now. It is an art. I’ve learned how to utilize barter networks like Itex to help build my business and my quality of life and lives of others. I just retuned from a week-long Alaskan cruise trip with my successful entrepreneurial nephew and his two teenage sons. We had adjoining balcony units. We hiked the stairs every day in lieu of elevators—even after all-day hiking excursions. We had to keep up with the added food intake and, of course, stay energized to keep up.

       I used my barter network to book this cruise. It created a family memory of a lifetime. It also unfolded a new motivation to dive deeper into digital marketing.  My nephew Mike used to work alongside of me with all my past businesses before he was even a teenager. We always had this special bond.  To date, we both can talk about business and the future of marketing until we are completely exhausted. Our energy flowed nicely while we watched whales, waves, glaciers. Our conversations would flow with the current and change course like the wind. Sometimes, we were in a pure state of mindfulness or family fun and then drift into marketing conversations that were as deep as the ocean.

       Digital marketing is beyond deep. I have begun my surface dive.  I’m in and this means you will be, too, if you follow my publication and me. What does this mean to my readers and advertisers? It means more marketing tools to attract the right modality and practitioner to enhance the quality of lives. I will be delivering these tools to my community partners.

       What this means for me as a publisher is that I must grow my digital presence right along with the print side because I know there’s a big, bold world of digital media yet to be discovered. Plus, I’ve always felt that I have a pioneering spirit, always wondering what’s around the next bend.

       I’m committed to this digital learning curve journey while I continue to list my publication for sale. as I plan to teach other publishers and business owners in my path. It’s important to know the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

       Digital marketing encompasses website development, social media marketing, content marketing, banner ads, Google ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and video marketing, allowing us to reach the masses efficiently and effectively.

            I am shifting gears to get up to speed. Please join me on this next adventure!


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