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Rise Above the Chaos

How to Keep Positive in an Unsettled World

“Never before has life demanded so much from us,” asserts Carolyn Gross, author of Rise Above the Chaos: How to Keep Positive in an Unsettled World. “We are called upon to be ever more productive multi-taskers and multi-role players in a 365-day, 24/7-work world. How are you holding up?”

         Gross, the founder of Creative Life Solutions, is an award-winning speaker, author and patient advocate who has appeared on numerous media outlets including NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. Her latest book offers life exploration methods to determine how stress affects our health; the categories of chaos that impact our lives; how to thrive in challenging times with emotional support; and tactics to harness our power for greater personal growth and transformation.

         She affirms that when we are bombarded with constant activity, we eventually become worn out and ineffective. “People need a place for self-evaluation so they can restore, relax and renew themselves,” affirms this passionate health advocate. In Rise Above the Chaos, she offers tools to help readers identify internal versus external chaos, so they can use their energy to be proactive rather than reactive. “Chaos is ‘the great teacher’ and those who can rise above the chaos make better decisions, get promoted, and have more success with people.”

         Gross explains what while we cannot control 100 percent of the events that happen in our lives, we can control the way we respond to them. “The way to give yourself permission to make changes is to value your health and your heart enough to make lifestyle adjustments before stress evolves into serious illness.”

         According to Gross, 250,000 million surveyed say stress is their number one problem. “It’s really a ‘self-management issue’ and I’m very committed to extending hope for the future, teaching ‘efficacy’—how to build it, why it’s important. So many situations can be course-corrected if people will slow down, do some self-care, and consistently create restorative environments. How you spend your time is how you live your life,” she says.

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