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Celebrate Dr. Orloff’s Exciting Book Launch for Thriving as an Empath

In her new book Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People, New York Times bestselling author Judith Orloff, M.D., brings readers a year’s worth of bite-sized offerings of inspiration, guidance and self-care strategies to help them flourish while learning to stop absorbing other people’s stress.

     “Sensitive, empathic people have a gift they can embrace. They have so much to offer as healers, creatives, friends, lovers and innovators at work. Yet they often give too much at the expense of their own well-being—and end up absorbing the stress of others. To stay healthy and happy,” shares Orloff, “you must be ready with daily self-care practices that work.”

Readers will learn to:

  • break the momentum of overwhelm and sensory overload
  • heal codependency patterns and the impulse to ‘over-help’
  • live a more open-hearted life without experiencing compassion fatigue burnout
  • utilize protection and self-soothing techniques
  • heal past trauma and PTSD
  • set healthy boundaries
  • tap ancient secrets such as drawing on the energy of each season, the four elements, sacred time, and much more.

       Orloff has also released The Empath’s Empowerment Journal, a companion to Thriving as an Empath. “With this journal as a guide, your day-to-day experience of self-care and growth can be flowing, energizing and intuitive,” she says.

       In addition, for a limited time, special bonus gifts will be included with each purchase of the book and journal online at There will also be an opportunity to win a ticket to Dr. Orloff’s Self-Care Retreat for Sensitive People.

Book tour events: Come to Dr. Orloff’s talks October 22 at Vromans Books in Pasadena and November 2 at Mystic Journeys Crystal Gallery (3 p.m.) in Venice. Learn more about her speaking schedule and Empath Survival Guide online course at

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