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Natural Awakenings San Diego

"HIIT the Beat" event hits Pacific Beach

Meagan, the face behind Meagalife, is originally from Ohio where she worked in gyms at the front desk interested in the fitness world and what it had to offer, but never thought of it as a viable career option. She was in nursing school hoping that would be the career where she could make a change in other’s lives. She graduated, but found she didn’t love nursing and chose to stay in the hospitality industry where she found she made deeper connections with others. 

In 2016 she decided to make the big move to California, a place she had loved visiting and always wanted to live, but wasn’t sure how to make that happen with no family or friends here. Months after moving she knew this was the place for her and she discovered how impactful the fitness industry was. She hired a trainer and then made the transition to becoming a trainer herself. She is now a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach giving you anything you may need to reach your goals. 

Meagan's focus is on habit changes and sustainability. She practices what she preaches and wants all of her clients to be able to follow a program designed for their life. Her energy is moving and her hope is to create a community of people supporting one another in reaching their goals and living their best lives.

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