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Letter from Publisher

Between all the articles I receive, practitioners I meet, movies and documentaries I watch, and podcasts I listen to, I always find synchronicity and deeper meaning with more knowledge.

The more knowledge I gain, the more open my mind becomes. I publish monthly with the same intent to educate.  Natural Awakenings is not your average brainwashing type of media. We aim to do just what Linda Sechrist’s uplifting feature article “The Emerging Power of We” explores.  The main message is that we need to evolve from a culture of “Me” to a culture of “We.” This may be the key to the major challenges that confront humankind.

I never thought I would metaphor a Batman related movie, but Joker was a powerful film full of innuendos.  A person that is beaten down their entire life will break down.  Our earth has been beaten down and she’s broken. Will she find a way to thrive? Will humans? Our younger generation is faced with future warnings streaming and screaming stress.

The next move brings us back to the stigma of plant medicine and another great movie, Fantastic Fungi. I watched it twice. May the day come when plant medicine is looked at with respect and not disdain and not dismissed because of past beliefs.

I can’t stress enough the importance of plant medicines, like CBD, THC, psilocybin mushrooms and other natural healing medicines. Those pioneering the industry are becoming quite advanced in both strain specifics and healing a larger array of illnesses with what Mother Earth provides for us. This is where collective wisdom comes into play like in the aforementioned article above regarding the power of We.

We can awaken ourselves and our communities with commiseration, knowledge and the choice to make a community decision to what is best for we, which in turn, ends up being pretty damn good for me, too.

I took a fun bike ride down to the annual holiday festival in RSF.  It lifted my spirits to ride on my eco-friendly e-bike and visit with a community of passionate artists. What talent, what fun and what a great way to gather and be merry.

Tis the season to come together as We.



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