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Letter from Publisher

Cleopatra's welcome gathering Aunt Kathryn and Zenma

Love may be in the air this month, but at Natural Awakenings our editorial team has been focused on matters of the heart—the one that keeps us alive and well. In “Sacred Vessels: The Lifeblood of Heart Health,” writer Julie Peterson examines the crucial role of the vascular system and how simple, natural lifestyle choices can prevent or remediate damage that can result in a heart attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive decline.

My heart is probably one of my strongest attributes.  I’m a compassionate person, continually monitoring my emotional and spiritual sides along with my physical being. My business brain doesn’t always agree with my passionate heart. However, I know I can protect my precious heart by reducing stress with good decisions. Paying it forward is good for the heart, soul and our community. So is practicing self-love, vulnerability, compassion and being able to receive and give in an organic, flowing reciprocity. Regular physical fitness has been more challenging for me lately due to time constraints. Instead of struggling with making time and excuses to work out, I joined the new On Beat Fitness revolution. It’s a compromise that works with my schedule, my brain and my heart.  Check it out on Instagram @onbeatFit or visit

In “Good Hearts Start Young: Boosting Kids’ Cardiovascular Health,” Ronica A. O’Hara underscores why it is never too early to embark on the path to cardio fitness—beginning in the uterus where maternal choices can set the stage for conditions like high blood pressure in their offspring by the time they’re in grade school.

It’s never too late to add good health and self nurturing and love to your daily routine. You still can thrive. I don’t think a person can say “I love you” too often in a household. Love is healing, like good nutrition. When you truly love and eat well, you nourish yourself and those around you.

While lifestyle changes have the power to restore heart health, the field of regenerative medicine is making great strides in rejuvenating joints, ligaments, tendons and tissues. In case you’re wondering, regenerative therapy isn’t just for humans as Julie Peterson explains in “Pain Relief for Pets: Prolotherapy Gives Joints New Life. Veterinarians are treating cats, dogs and even horses with this non-surgical form of self-healing.

Our February issue also includes an eclectic stew, featuring April Thompson’s “A Feast for All Seasons: Embracing the Rainbow Year Round,” Yvette Hammett’s take on “Disrupting Disposables: The Drive to Banish Single-Use Plastics” and much more.

And of course, we top it all off with a large dose of love featuring Scarlett Lewis’s inspiring essay on “Choosing Love: How to Cope With Fearful Times” and a Valentine’s Day Wise Words interview, “Linda Carroll on Skills That Make Love Last.”

Being right or wrong does not matter. Being able to love unconditionally and listening to your loved ones is the main ingredient to keeping your heart chakra open. Love without expectations. Do your best to love with all your heart this Valentine’s Day and every day. 

And speaking of unconditional love, I am basking in it lately due to the arrival of my beautiful grandchild, Cleopatra. To celebrate, a tribe of amazing women gathered to share in the joy of welcoming Cleo to our wonderful community.



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