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Hyperactivity in Children

by Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.

What makes children hyperactive?  Often, the common denominator is nutrition, or lack thereof.

Sugar is an obvious and well-known culprit in stimulating hyperactivity. Many parents limit their children’s access to processed sugars but pay little attention to the amounts of fruits and fruit sugars their children consume. After the initial burst of energy, the weakest glands or organs of the body find themselves depleted of minerals.  The adrenal glands, being the strongest in the body, come to the rescue by going into overdrive, releasing excess adrenaline which results in hyperactivity.

Hyperactivity can also be caused by sensitivities to dairy, wheat and soy. Additionally, each body type can be overstimulated by certain foods—such as beef and salt for the Adrenal body type.

Hyperactivity can manifest differently in children due to a difference in body types.  For instance, an Adrenal body type with an inquiring mind and physical approach, will get into everything because they want to be in the middle of the action. A child with a Heart body type is sensitive and directed by their emotions rather than their thoughts; they will be easily distracted by everything that is going on around them.

Body type is determined before birth but is not hereditary.  While there are certain body types like Gonadal and Stomach that run in families, most families have parents and children with different body types. This is why children have different temperaments than their parents. This is also why not everyone likes the same foods or feels good after eating them.

Knowing the body type of your children can help balance their nutrition to maximize health and minimize hyperactivity.  The body type personality profile can help you understand their challenges, strengths and what motivates them.

Carolyn L. Mein, D.C., author of Different Bodies, Different Diets, discovered the 25 Body Type System. Visit to determine you and your children’s body types.

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