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What You Seek Is Seeking You

by Elizabeth Hancock

More and more people are seeking clarity in their lives these days which is why life coaching is becoming more popular. Feeling stuck and confused is the number one reason why people seek out a life coach. Whether a person’s confusion centers around their career, business, relationships, emotional well-being or a mix of it all, suffice it to say, most people seek help when they cannot “see the forest for the trees.”

Traditional life coaching centers around deep enquiry to facilitate expanded self-awareness and increased responsibility in one’s life. But traditional analysis can sometimes be frustrating to clients that are not attuned to open-ended questions. In this conventional coaching model, clients are limited to what their conscious mind has access to and thus accordingly sets the pace of their coaching progress.

A far more efficient and relaxed process towards greater self-awareness is through meditation. With the help of a spiritual coach, clients can shift their body/mind from active beta brainwaves to relaxed alpha brainwave states. Once in this meditative state, the spiritual coach can facilitate a perception shift of limiting life events and help transform perceived emotional blocks into crystal clear clarity and joy.

Spiritual coaches work with powerful archetypes, ancient symbols and vivid imagery. These tools allow the mind to open to the boundless space where dreams and visions can be easily accessed. In this higher level of consciousness there are no limitations, just infinite possibilities and latent potentialities waiting to be discovered.

For those currently feeling stuck, confused and overwhelmed, guided meditations can provide the powerful shift needed to bring forth necessary change in a positive direction. After all, as the famous Sufi poet Rumi said, “what you seek is seeking you.” Living by this powerful principle can help usher in one’s ideal reality.

Elizabeth Hancock is a certified professional Life and Spiritual Coach (CPC, CSC) at BeyondYou.Coach, with more than 25 years meditation experience, kundalini awakening, and intuitive insight. For more information on coaching, email [email protected] or call 650-460-4107.



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