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Coping with Coronavirus

Apr 01, 2020 03:20PM ● By Kyle Hass

Internal Peace & Calm in Three Easy Steps

by Elizabeth Hancock

As the world struggles to cope with coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading faster and wider every day, it’s clear that people are beginning to show the strain of unrelenting stress. Children are being taken out of schools, stock markets are crashing, elderly parents are being quarantined, travel bans have been imposed, and nearly everyone has been instructed to work from home. How do we cope in these uncertain times?

Finding ourselves in a constant fight, flight or freeze mode as a coping strategy for rising global tensions is not a wise choice for survival. As humans we can consciously choose how we respond to any given external stimuli by being proactive and intentional with our time and energy. Here are three things you can do right now to reinstate a sense of internal peace and calm:

Limit news and media updates. Limiting your exposure to the relentless media updates will help you take a step back from the growing mass hysteria and fear. A half hour to an hour maximum of TV, radio, news articles, YouTube, or social media updates should be more than enough to keep you suitably informed.

Move your body. Stress gets locked in the body and can wreak havoc on sensitive hormonal systems, as well as digestion. Try to move your body daily to release stifled energy, stretch muscles, and create a greater mind/body connection.

Meditate. There is no better time than now to maintain your meditation practice to cultivate greater mental clarity and higher awareness functioning. This is crucial for long-term well-being and health.

As humans we have the ability to rise above confusion, anxiety and fear through greater mindfulness and higher awareness. Let us consciously choose to take control of our bodies and minds and respond to this growing crisis with clarity.


Elizabeth Hancock is a certified professional Life and Spiritual Coach (CPC, CSC) at BeyondYou.Coach, with more than 25 years meditation experience, kundalini awakening, and intuitive insight. For more information on coaching, email [email protected] or call 650-460-4107.