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Letter from Publisher

Buddhist practices nonattachment to views. If we human beings are going to stick around on this earth, we need to learn to get along not just with the people who share our views, but also, and more to the point, with the people who get our goat. And remember—we get their goat, too.  —Susan Moon, “Ten Practices to Change the World”

Well, San Diego, I’d say that humanity is getting its butt kicked really good and well wiped with all the toilet paper we’ve been hoarding.

I biked today for the first time in a very long while. I rode to my friend’s house to pick up some custom-made facemasks. They aren’t medical grade but they’re useful and I’m happy to forward them to the medical professionals in the front lines of this global health crisis.

I consider myself a visionary, but I didn’t envision the pandemic.  I was prepared though, in both my personal and business life. Last month I purposely cut my printed page count down to help drive people to the magazine’s digital presence. This month and moving forward I will be promoting digital delivery.  We will add a subscription option if you absolutely need a printed version. Distribution, printing and all that goes with delivering my printed publication are not eco-friendly and not going to happen when we need to stay home. I will be doing my best to post local news and sources online and on social media.

I’ve been social isolating for a few years due to personal life changes and choice.  I’m also very used to holing up and working from home since I’ve been an entrepreneur all my adult life. My deeper personal isolation bought me to painful peaceful bliss. I feel this same wave of painful peaceful bliss as we navigate our way through this pandemic. I wear my heart on my sleeve.  My honest delivery can create havoc with family, friends and others. It also brings truth. I’m going to share my truth with you all today.

During my transitional isolation time mentioned above, I gained an extra unexplained 15 pounds. I then shed 10 pounds soon after I found out that I was a grandmother. I didn’t know that my oldest daughter was pregnant. Why? Because I didn’t know where she was. My daughter was homeless, and I often roamed the streets trying to find her. This time, I not only found her, but my beautiful, healthy granddaughter too, who I am presently raising.

I am grateful that my daughter is alive and off the streets. I’m grateful that my grandbaby is healthy. Becoming her caregiver hasn’t been easy. The system is faulty and full of misinformation and mistreatment, but I fought and she’s with me now. And then came coronavirus and the glaring issues with another faulty system not prepared to protect its citizens from harm.  We are now dealing with the global truth of what is really happening behind the scenes. With truth, comes change and resolution.  I’d vote for Governor Cuomo in a New York minute for president. I grew up in New York and his “tell it like it is” is inbred in my brain, heart and soul.  We need more whistle blowers and truth slayers.

I believe our world will change in ways we never imagined. I’m looking forward to evolving together with you.



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