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Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacies Break the Mold of the Typical Pharmacy

Ahmed Eldahmy, PharmD, founder of Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacies in San Diego, grew up in a household where both of his parents were pharmacists. So, when it came to choosing a future career, this passionate healthpreneur shares that becoming a pharmacist felt like a natural fit.
    Like many pharmacy school graduates, after receiving his degree and his license to practice pharmacy, Eldahmy sought work in the corporate world. Over the course of several years, he worked his way up the corporate ladder as a pharmacy manager for large chain stores, including Walmart and Albertsons. When CVS Health acquired Target’s pharmacy and clinic businesses, the retail giant needed an experienced pharmacy manager to help with the newly converted CVS pharmacies located within Target stores throughout the state of California. Eldahmy, a seasoned pharmacy manager by that time, was recruited for and awarded the position.
    For three years, Eldahmy worked in upper level management for CVS Health, earning clout among his colleagues along with a respectable income. But something didn’t feel right. “It just hit me one day that I’m not happy,” he says. After some serious soul searching, Eldahmy realized why. “I wanted to make a bigger difference in my patient’s lives. I craved the freedom and flexibility to do that, but in the corporate world I was operating in, it wasn’t possible. It felt like I was one small piece in a big assembly line and that wasn’t fulfilling.”
    Like his parents, both former pharmacy owners themselves, Eldahmy ultimately recognized the best way he could effect change was to open his own pharmacy. He began scouting locations for his dream pharmacy, and soon secured a space in the heart of the Barrio Logan neighborhood in San Diego. Not long afterwards, he turned in his two-week notice. “The day I decided to quit, my peers, my manager, everyone thought I was crazy,” he recalls. Regardless, Eldahmy took that leap of faith and affirms that he couldn’t be happier. “It’s truly the best place for me. There is nothing else I can see myself doing.”
    In addition to offering personalized pharmacy care services which includes cost-effective and compounded medicines, Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacies also offers preventative therapies, vitamins and minerals, personal care and household products, along with fast, free delivery services. Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacies, opened since July 2017, is such a successful business model that in addition to the Barrio Logan and La Jolla stores, they will soon be opening a third location in Chula Vista with plans to expand nationally. Eldahmy acknowledges that the key to his company’s rapid success is exactly why he opened the doors for business—to have the freedom and flexibility to offer each customer an exceptional pharmacy experience.
           Eldahmy can think of no better way to be in service to the community. “We get to improve people’s lives, every day. I feel so fortunate,” he shares. “I have an amazing team that works hard every day. We are all aligned around the same values.”  In fact, being of value not only to the patient community, but to future graduating pharmacists is another driving factor for this pioneer in the pharmacy movement. “One of the main reasons we’re expanding and opening more stores is because of the other pharmacists. Right now, there are three pharmacy students working with us that will be graduating soon. I want to give them a place where they can continue to have those amazing opportunities to establish nurturing relationships with their patients.”
    According to Eldahmy, the most empowered pharmacists can make the biggest difference in people’s lives. “A lot of pharmacists come out of pharmacy school and are not happy with the options available to them. I want to change that. My goal is that everyone working at one of my pharmacies feels inspired to be the best version of themselves—hardworking, creative, intuitive, inquisitive. With us, you’re not just a pharmacy technician, you’re an entrepreneur,” he assures. “Their feeling so valued means a lot to me. We’re breaking the mold of the typical pharmacy.”

 And speaking of value, in addition to changing a patient’s pharmacy healthcare experience and giving pharmacists an inspiring place to work, Eldahmy’s quest to change the pharmacy world has another driving factor behind it—he values small businesses. “There’s nothing that feels better than supporting local, independently owned businesses. There are a lot of small business owners in your neighborhood, providing real value and quality services and products. I urge you to get to know them. Make lasting relationships with them. I realize there is so much power in the big brands, and that’s something that all small businesses have to work against. But, in the majority of cases, these hardworking business owners are going to be able to provide you with so much more personalized service. They’re going out of their way to make a difference. Let’s support them!”

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