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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from Publisher

Elaine Russo

Oh my! If you could see me now. My mind is racing faster than I can type—and for good cause. I have a toddler to tend to while I try to capture my thoughts and put them into words. I’ve been thinking a lot today about politics and truth. Authenticity and vulnerability are strong words that hold such meaning. If they were the main theme of politics, I imagine we would have one leader we could all trust.
    The truth prevails and yet we must dig and search so hard to find it. The truth resides within all of us. The trick is getting to it through all the layers of cultural shaping, self-deception and emotional pain.  We all envision life through our own lenses; yet Earth has one global, unbiased lense. It reacts to truth rapidly. COVID 19 hits, the earth reacts, regenerates and heals. It follows what comes naturally. If only humans could do the same. I have been told over and over again that I’m an open book. For years, I wasn’t sure how to take that. I do now. I can tell it “like it is” without shame and without caring anymore what others think. Isn’t that how our precious Earth heals itself?
    This month, we feature an article on sharing our narrative with our children. Kids love to hear about their heritage. It gives them such a feeling of belonging. And isn’t that what we’re all after? Feeling like we belong, like we are loved and valued by our tribe? Speaking of tribes, since coronavirus hit, I’ve reunited with many family members and friends from my past. They are my teachers and I am theirs. If we could be like the earth and see each other’s thoughts and actions through each other’s eyes we would all be sympatico, compassionate and forgiving.  It must start with the truth. Knowing who you are and why you are is so crucial to healing. Mother Earth is our global teacher.
    I think about what we are up against right now. We are not all in the same boat. Some are sailing in yachts and others are in dinghies without oars. However, we are all the same. I had a friend ask me many years ago, who would you be if everything you owned was taken away? Great question to ponder. I believe many rich will get richer and the poor will grow poorer. On the upside, I see these times as an opportunity to reinvent the way we navigate through our lives and livelihoods. Virtual businesses may save a lot of overhead. Out of the box thinkers and entrepreneurs can excel in times of vast rapid changes. It’s happening right now in my tiny little world.  Instead of focusing on what you’re losing, think about what you can gain from change and how to employ those who can’t think that way in lieu of making them slaves of labor. Offer them a piece of a pie! Create synergistic teams. Every downside has an upside and these times are no different. We just need to think more like Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet does not capitalize on the weak; she reinvents herself in harmony, restores what was destroyed, and comes out more magnificent than ever before.