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Natural Awakenings San Diego

New Community Video Spotlight Series

The team at Natural Awakenings San Diego is excited to announce our new community spotlight video series Naturally Inspired. The series, a digital evolution of the magazine’s popular Community Spotlight column, features video interviews with Natural Awakenings community partners in health who will help us all learn how to feel better, live more simply, and laugh more.
    “In light of this global pandemic, we’ve all been growing and evolving lately, both personally and professionally,” says Naturally Inspired series host Erin Lehn. “With so many businesses closed, our print copies have been in limited distribution locations. These challenges inspired us to start focusing on other ways to help spread the word about our amazing community partners. Naturally, this evolution led to ways that we can make a bigger impact online.”
    Each of the video community spotlights will feature a different community partner. “Not only will we learn more about them and how they can assist us on our path to better health, but we’ll come away from each spotlight with golden nuggets of wisdom that we can use immediately to help improve our lives,” assures Lehn.
    The first spotlight features Natural Awakenings San Diego’s Marketing consultant, Tasha Jackson. “Tasha is a passionate health and wellness advocate who recently joined our team and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her energy, enthusiasm and dedication,” affirms Lehn. “During our video chat, you’ll learn what led her to become part of the Natural Awakenings family, in addition to discovering some of the fun ideas she has in store for the magazine.”
    The video chat can be found on the new Natural Awakenings San Diego YouTube channel and Facebook page.

If you’d like to be featured in a future Naturally Inspired community video spotlight, contact Tasha Jackson at 760-456-7905 or [email protected].