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Natural Awakenings San Diego

July Community Video Spotlight on Cofounders of InnerOptimal

July Community Video Spotlight on Cofounders of InnerOptimal Natural Awakenings San Diego recently launched Naturally Inspired, a community video spotlight series that highlights Natural Awakenings community partners in health who are experts in helping us all learn how to feel better, live more simply, and laugh more.
    This month’s featured Naturally Inspired community partners are Dr. Danielle Chavalarias and Marie-Laure Wagner, co-founders of InnerOptimal Brain Peak Performance Center in Encinitas.
    The InnerOptimal Brain Training Program uses the latest advanced neurofeedback and brain science tools to help people achieve their goals while letting go of limiting beliefs, fears and self-esteem issues.
    “I had such a fantastic time chatting with this dynamic mother/daughter duo,” shares series host, Erin Lehn. “Our talk was so timely. We discussed exactly what happens to the brain during stressful times—like the pandemic—and why we shouldn’t feel guilty about experiencing that stress. They also shared many helpful tips about we can do, right now, to help alleviate it.”
    At the end of this Naturally Inspired video, Chavalarias and Wagner also share a free offer for viewers.

Visit the Natural Awakenings San Diego YouTube channel or Facebook page to watch the InnerOptimal video community spotlight. For more information, call 760-633-3328 or visit