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Letter from Publisher

The benefits of downsides are that there are always upsides. Our lives are made up of our choices. Choices that are contingent on our circumstances. Our circumstances are, at some level, dependent on our choices. For instance, Earth has seen some benefits of the pandemic. Pollution was speedily reduced proving that our beloved planet can rejuvenate quickly.
    I believe humans can do the same. We can bounce back by making healthy decisions with our lifestyles, occupations, diet, the friends and family we choose to spend time with—the list goes on.
    Like many of us, I’ve been going through some extremely challenging times. I’m a survivor and a whistle blower by nature. I believe I’m a warrior for the good. Like in any battle, many lessons have been learned. Choose your battles is lesson numero uno. Sometimes we don’t have that option and we must defend ourselves in situations we wish we could avoid or change. More importantly—don’t villainize. This was my most recent lesson. It was hard for me because I was justified in my feelings and was being abused unfairly and the warrior in me wanted to attack and make monsters out of opponents.
    People have different perspectives and perhaps they are not quite the monsters you believed them to be. In every situation there are two sides and we must look at both viewpoints. Thankfully, I’m good at that. As I see the big picture, I don’t have to be right, but I do have a built-in instinct to fight for what is right.
    I applied this lesson to COVID-19. Disparaging remarks about the news media only worsens the efforts to spread information about the coronavirus. This virus has changed our lives forever, but the media and news cycles are constant. Villainizing the news media in times like these is detrimental and dangerous to the American people. We are aware that some news networks are biased in their coverage. “Speak up and don’t be silent” is an important message. Educate ourselves before attacking. Look at the reasons and actions of others we disagree with and approach it with wisdom and compassion, in lieu of revenge.
    Brutal honesty gets me in trouble in many areas of life. I don’t see me changing in that regard, nor do I care to. It’s who I am. Honesty with myself is ever-evolving and continues to make me a better human being. Meditation, mindfulness and the willingness to look within for my own battles instead of outside have helped me grow into more of a spiritual warrior. You don’t have to be right to win. You have to be at peace with your beliefs and others.
    We just need to do the best we can and honor that everyone’s best is different.

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