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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter From the Marketing Consultant

Through this last 6 months, I’ve been stressed, but positively affected by COVID. It has allowed a slow down time for me to work hard to change the trajectory of my life, allow new, great people to come in, and have some unforgettable experiences.

Sunday, all that would have changed. I took a risk that nearly resulted in death and it was completely my fault.

After an overwhelming week and trying to juggle too many balls, we took a day trip to Show Low, AZ. On the way home, I was impatient to get home and start work again. A slow driving car, set me off and I decided to pass- into oncoming traffic. I miscalculated the distance between the car I was passing and an oncoming Mack truck. At the last second, I swerved and nearly missed the truck. The kids had no idea that we were almost in a near-fatal, head-on collision at 85mph.

After I dropped the kids off with their dad, I came home trembling and cried for hours while I spent the rest of the night working to distract myself. Every time I closed my eyes or had a free moment from the task at hand, I saw that truck coming straight for me. But what of all of this? Near-death experiences come into our lives as a tower moment because something drastic needs to change IMMEDIATELY.

Ironically, the next few hours, I spent stuck in traffic. With the kids sleeping in the backseat, all I could do was listen to what my intuition was telling me. The main message: I have to drop many of the balls I’ve been juggling and refocus on what’s truly important. The whole reason I quit my career and have been living without income was to have more time with my kids and explore new life experiences. I allowed my boundaries to be skewed, I stopped saying ‘no’, and more importantly, started to fall out of love with what I was doing. I was in grave need of rebalance on many levels. I spent the time in the 3-hour traffic jam texting people to give me space, put some new business ventures on hold, and worked to focus on my main career goal.

With this, I am telling you that you need to do the same. Where are you out of balance? Can you hear your inner voice? Are you spending quality time with loved ones or are you just “getting through the day”? Are the people you’re surrounding yourself with supportive and uplifting or do they tear you down?

Through this time, these last few months of ‘quarantine’, take the time to free yourself of unnecessary distractions so you can listen to your inner voice. Take charge and take your power back from your worst enemy- yourself. When you look back at this time, how did you spend it? Being a light for others with love and joy, or in misery that you had some conscious and unconscious hand in creating? Wipe your plate, slate, and/or any other word that ends with -late clean and show up to yourself, your life, and your tribe.

These are the messages that came out of that near-tragic incident: balance and being open to love. Mainly, balance in a life that you love. Find yours.