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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Natural Awakenings San Diego - September 2020

Welcome to our September Issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine.         

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Below are just a few articles you will find in this month's issue.

Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age: Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times

Healthy ways to cope with the stress the pandemic has placed on mental and emotional health using self-care and compassion strategies to build up confidence, courage and positivity. Read More » 



Cars Go Vegan: Leather Interiors are on the Way Out

The environmental impact of producing leather, foam and other materials used in car interiors is being replaced by eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan alternatives. Read More » 



Spice Up Health: Using Herbs for Flavor and Medicine

Boost the nutritional value and flavors of your favorite food dishes by incorporating these tasty herbs and spices, packed full of healthy benefits to help digestion, immunity and more. Read More » 



Happiness Helpers: Five Ways to Be More Positive

We can choose to see things in a more positive fashion by taking these 5 steps to train our brains to look for the good more often, leading to increased levels of happiness. Read More »