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Catching up with Sound Therapist Marc Malin

Life-long musician Marc Malin, bodyworker, sound healer and founder of Sound Therapy Arts, in Solana Beach, believes that sound is the future of medicine. “Science is now very aware of the power of sound to improve our health and well-being,” says Malin. “We are all vibrational beings. Every one of our cells is affected by vibration. When we say we are resonating with a particular sound, we are actually resonating with the vibration of those sounds.”

        Malin, a true modern Renaissance man, appreciates how sound healing is a perfect blend of art, science and natural healing. He believes that we are all our own healers; we just need the right artistic tools, experiences and healing artists to help guide us toward that healing.


ELF: You’ve recently changed your business name to expand on the “healing arts” aspect of sound healing. Can you explain why it was important to focus on that in your offerings?

MM: We tend to forget that the “healing arts” is an art form. We often put our focus on the healing aspect before the art aspect. If you look back at Renaissance people like DiVinci, they were into the exploration of it all. It’s the combination of an artist’s intuitive self and his curiosity that is the source of the creation. Artists were revered in those days and supported—not so much these days. Still, that inquisitiveness is a driving force. If everything is frequency and vibration, why isn’t energy or vibrational medicine mainstream? Science verifies the fact that there is no solid in an atom, it’s all moving and pulsing. We think of “art” as a framed thing on the wall, and that reduces it to the finished product instead of celebrating the process of creation.

        So, I resist billing myself as a “healer” even though I have had very positive results working with my clients. I am a sensitive, intuitive being and if I am able to tune in and get out of the way, healing energy can be transferred through love and compassion. That, combined with my knowledge of anatomy from 16 years as a massage therapist does produce results. But I don’t want the label, I just want to contribute what I have to give to the person coming to me for assistance in their healing process. Or, maybe they’re just coming to mellow out and relax into the music and have a new experience. That’s great! As well as healing, I might add. So, let’s do that.  I just meet you where you are. Sound Healing Arts gives me a more expansive platform that I can grow and build from.


ELF: How does sound work help with emotional issues like anxiety, fear and depression?

MM: Well, sound works on many different levels. First of all, its goes into your body and travels throughout. We react very differently to sound. As such, soothing tones can get us into a deep, relaxed and transformed state. When we are stressed, we are in that “fight or flight” mode. However, the combination of tones from voice to the singing bowls and tuning forks can help us get back into our more natural, calmer state of being. Also, many of us are familiar with the work that Dr. Emoto did with his research on how water crystals are affected by intention. The words and feelings of love and gratitude create beautiful crystals in the water (when frozen) and negative words and feelings create the opposite. So, if that is the case and we are 70 percent water, the sound and the intention is driven into the body to transform on a cellular level. Anxiety, fear and depression all have chemical processes that take place in the brain. If we can disrupt that habit of thought and replace it with new, positive thought patterns, the neuropathways and chemistry start to change. You can feel this in one sound healing session, but it takes repetition to make a lasting impact.


ELF: Can you tell our readers a little bit more about your community sound experiences?

MM: The vision that I have for the “community sound session” is that like-minded people come together for an interactive, transformational and fun experience. I envision a group of us gathering together, with or without instruments, and setting an intention. Several people will lie on the floor and we will create an improvisational piece around them. As a musician I have played solo and in bands and what gets created in a band when everyone is in sync with each other is infinitely better than playing solo. So, I encourage everyone, especially musicians, sound healers, light workers, Reiki practitioners, etc. to reach out and call or text me. Come and be a part of the community.


ELF: In addition to offering sound healing sessions, you also offer deep tissue massage with sound, and your 528 CBD Pain Relief Salve that is infused with sound. Can you expound on the healing attributes of your sound-infused massage therapy and healing salve?

MM: I have created an herbal CBD Pain Relief Balm that is infused with 528 hertz. It is formulated with herbs to address muscle, joint and nerve pain. and the response I have gotten from those who have used it has been overwhelmingly positive. In my work, I use Solfeggio tones to create music that calms an overactive mind and sends us toward connecting with the divine. So, I infuse each jar of CBD salve with the love and miracle frequency. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation. ... The Love frequency is the ‘miracle’ note of the original Solfeggio musical scale.”

Sound Therapy Arts is located at 731 Hwy. 101, Ste M., in Solana Beach. For more information, call 505-469-0758 or visit



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