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Letter from The Publisher

Puppy therapy. Time off is time on.

Puppy therapy. Time off is time on.

What is sustainable living? It means many different things to me. By definition, it’s the practice of reducing the use of natural resources to the best of your ability. I hope by now that most of us are aware that issues like climate change are real. I do my best to organize my errands so I’m not out wasting time and fuel driving all over the place.

          I purchased sustainable reusable bamboo straws from Indonesia and now its become my habit to only use those straws. I even travel with them! First comes awareness and then action that eventually becomes habit. It’s like muscle memory.

          I do my best to purchase products with sustainable footprints from surfboards to household goods. So many manufacturers are going through the extra expense and effort to help save our climate, and I applaud and support their efforts. It may cost more time and money up front to make sustainable changes, but in time we’ll see a return on investment. A minimalist lifestyle reduces living costs and optimizes land space. I’ve been behind the tiny home movement for years. Tiny home communities offer affordable housing for all ages.

          Business owners everywhere are shifting to meet the demands of the environment. Ryan Harris’s eco-friendly boards, pictured here in my publisher’s photo, is just one example. As I type this, I’m watching a modular Atmospheric Water Generator system being installed. This unit generates an endless amount of water from the air. It’s a brilliant invention and one that’s sure to take off.  We, as consumers, can help this paradigm shift by investigating and investing in these long-term sustainable products.

          Sustainability applies to mental health care too. Managing mental fatigue is one example. As synchronicity would have it, one of our 87 publishers asked how other publishers manage their time in this demanding industry. The short answer is “time off is time on.” Manage your stress level and let go of the endless list of things to do. Do your best and leave the rest as one of the “Four Agreements” reinforces. That list will still be there when you reboot. Turn to Nature.  When needed and available I will make my phone calls from a place of beauty to give myself and my customer a peaceful connection. Limit multi-tasking to increase mental productivity. Sustainability is as important for the brain as it is the Earth.

Enjoy this beautiful spring that’s happening all around us!



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