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Homegrown Meats Now Offers Pet Jerky Treats

In many companies, staff members take on titles like CEO, CFO and Vice President of Something or Other. At Homegrown Meats in San Diego, however, they favor titles like warrior and head chief. Why is that?  Because their team works together in tribal-like fashion and adheres to tribal wisdom in their business practices. “Back in the tribal days, when Native Americans killed an animal, they made sure to use every part of that animal. It was the beginning of sustainable practices,” says Homegrown Meats tribe member, Jennifer Wolfe. “In fact, it was beyond sustainable and society needs to go back to those old fashioned ways. It’s better for the cows, the environment and us.”

Homegrown MeatsWolfe, who spearheads the pet division says, “Our tribe is much bigger than just the people in our company; it extends out into the community.” That is why before they even launch a new product, they consult with their extended family tribe to ensure their products are well-received. “This includes family, friends, distributors and consumers.”

Homegrown Meats’ hot dogs are just one example of a recent tribal favorite. “Whoever thought that hot dogs would be good for you?” asks Wolfe. Turns out, their beef hot dogs pack a walloping nine times the amount of omegas versus other hot dogs in the marketplace. With this in mind, the Homegrown Meats tribe reached out to local schools, matched the price the schools The late Joel Mendenhall and his trusty ranch dog, Blue.were paying for other hot dog brands, and now can rest assured knowing that many local school children are now eating healthier meats during school lunches.

So what is it that makes Homegrown Meats so special? To begin with it is locally owned and operated by San Diego families and the cornerstone of the cattle operations are the Mendenhalls; seventh generation cattle ranchers in San Diego.  “The herds are mostly English bred animals such as Black and Red Angus and Herefords with our primary ranches based on Palomar Mountain,” says Jenna Mendenhall.  Homegrown Meats grass-fed and grass-finished animals spend their entire lives grazing on certified organic native grasses while enjoying a free range lifestyle.

Homegrown MeatsSpeaking of roaming freely, the Homegrown Meats tribe can regularly be seen on the ranch ensuring that their cows are happy, stress-free and healthy. Their efforts are paying off, with Whole Foods being their grocery partner and all products being a Step 4 on the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Standards scale.

Earlier this year, Homegrown Meats launched their first pet jerky treats. “We are a tribe of animal lovers,” explains Wolfe.  “And we wanted to share this healthy, nutrient dense beef with our pets.” Wolfe believes that when animals eat Jennifer Wolfe’s pets, Reggie, Jerome and Dior, anxiously await their Homegrown Meats pet jerky treats.raw, organic, non-GMO diets, they will seldom have a need to visit the vet because their bodies are so healthy from eating a clean diet.

The pet jerky treats, currently beef and liver, are human grade. In fact, Wolfe admits to eating the treats on occasion, although she says it doesn’t taste as delectable as the Homegrown Meats jerky products made for people.  “So far, the community feedback has been fantastic,” she shares. “San Diego pets love the jerky treats and we’re thrilled that we’re able to provide Joel Mendenhall and his wife, Jenna, at the ranch.them with such high quality beef products.”

Homegrown Meats has been so overjoyed with the feedback that they’ve already got several new pet food items soon to launch on the horizon. “We’ll unveil them soon as we are still fine tuning the formulation,” says Wolfe. And doing it right means consulting with the community tribe. Once the tribe has spoken, we can expect more high quality beef products from this eco-conscious company.

Homegrown Meats pet jerky treats can be found in many local stores, including Pupologie, located at 123 N. El Camino Real, in Encinitas. To connect with Homegrown Meats, call 858-454-MEAT (6328) or visit To connect with Pupologie, call 760-436-1226 or visit

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