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Healing Through Good Vibrations

Many of us live in San Diego because we feel the need to be deeply connected to the ocean. We love watching the sun dip into the Pacific each night, the feel of the salty water on our skin and listening to the sweet nature songs of the ocean.

Music and sounds in our environment can make a huge difference on our well-being.

What exactly does music do for a human being? It sets a tone and creates a positive atmosphere. No matter what our day was like before, the moment we hear inspiring music or sounds, the pattern changes and those good vibrations help reboot our day.

Marc Malin, sound healer and massage therapist at Global Heart Sanctuary off the 101, has been devoted to holistic wellness and healing arts since the 1970s. Currently, Malin teaches holistic wellness, massage and photography at the University of San Diego.

In 2003, this award-winning musician started Sound Touch combining physical bodywork with sound healing, which ultimately culminated in his work bringing two international sound conferences to Santa Fe, New Mexico, amongst many other wellness accolades.

What is remarkable are Malin’s various Sound Touch techniques, including vibrational medicine and intuitive massage therapy treating disease using tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments. I was struck and comforted by his calm, kind approach. His question of personal intention helped focus on treating the whole mind, body and spirit collectiveness to create peace through vibrating frequencies, sound waves to disrupt adhesions and stagnation.

Malin’s techniques address a wide range of conditions from chronic pain and sports injuries to sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, ADD, PTSD and more. After my session, I was struck by not only by his genuine devotion to intuitive healing by past accomplishments and life journey, but realized that he caters to the specific needs and intentions of the individual. I will definitely have a return session and highly recommend this very positive vibrational approach to wellness.

Global Heart Sanctuary is located at 731 South Hwy. 101, in Solana Beach. Call 505-469-0758 or visit

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