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Letter from The Publisher

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo


One of the things I love about being a Natural Awakenings publisher is the relationships I’ve formed with other publishers. This month I am sharing our Denver publisher’s letter with you as her words and heart resonate with me. We both birthed our publications 10 years ago. Now we both have decided to cut the umbilical cord and let some other passionate publisher take over. Anyone out there looking to make a difference in the lives of our amazing community in a fresh, impactful way? I invite you to reach out to discuss the possibilities of becoming a publisher and discover the new love of your life.



Re-Writing Valentine’s Day

Let’s re-write what Valentine’s Day means.

Let’s decide it’s not just about being coupled; it’s about being whole within ourselves.

Let’s decide it’s not just about our significant others, but more about love, compassion and kindness for everyone, including ourselves.

Instead of spending your money on flowers and chocolate, give a helping hand up to your fellow beings by giving it to a beggar on the street or donating it to a shelter for humans or animals.

Remember that holiday feeling of love and gratitude you had not even two months ago? Extend that same energy to everyone on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s decide Valentine’s Day is about us all, instead of we two. Maybe our loving kindness will deepen our own inner  wellspring of love for self and others.

   Terry Chriswell



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Letter from The Publisher

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Letter from The Publisher

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What is sustainable living? It means many different things to me. By definition, it’s the practice of reducing the use of natural resources to the best of your ability.

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The whole Natural Awakenings community thrives on helping one another learn about the methods and modalities we can use to improve our health and well-being.

Letter from The Editor

This year, publisher Elaine Russo celebrates 10 years of publishing Natural Awakenings magazine in San Diego.

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