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On my recent trip to San Diego, I got a chance to experience rolfing first-hand with Natural Awakenings advertiser and extremely gifted bodyworker Michael Mitchell, owner of Body Solutions 101 in Solana Beach.

        This talented structural integration expert is the kind of practitioner who instantly puts you at ease. His exceptional listening and communication skills, along with his friendly demeanor were much-needed attributes for my “high alert” nervous system. As I sat down in his cozy studio space and discussed some issues I’ve been having with my neck and inner ears, I knew he was someone who would truly “meet me where I am”—and that’s of the utmost importance to me as I’ve been to bodyworkers in the past whose work did more harm than good.  Intuitively, I felt that my session with Michael would be a truly healing experience and I was right. Michael is a truly gifted healer. If I lived in the area, I would be seeing him on a regular basis. Lucky for you all that you get the opportunity to do just that. If you’re wanting to feel and move better in your body while discovering how to remove stuck energy and negative movement patterns, please reach out to him. You’ll be in good hands! 


Body Solutions 101 is located at 535 North Hwy. 101, Ste D in Solana Beach. For more information, call 760-715-2122 or visit



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