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Why Do Veterans Love QIGONG?

Author Jeff Primack has practiced Qigong for 20 years and trains thousands of people annually at Qi Revolution seminars held across the United States.


Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack has practiced qigong for 20 years and trains thousands of people annually at Qi Revolution seminars held across the United States. He shares that qigong helps overcome trauma with an “energetic solution” as opposed to pharmaceutical or psychological approaches. “A Qigong Master I studied with was imprisoned by the Chinese government and while in a jail cell, he practiced qigong for many years and was strengthened. At age 80 he still practices,” says Primack. “The postures develop a ‘magnetic energy’ that gives peace, increased faith and creates a tangible increase in energy on command.” 

      Dr. Alina Mayo, MD, of the VA Hospital in Bay Pines, Florida, says that qigong with Supreme Science Qigong Center instructors has been well received at the hospital. “When veterans do qi breathing, trust issues and whether the teacher is also a vet becomes less important,” says Primack. “Old mind patterns are temporarily bypassed as the ‘feeling of qi’ is strong enough to give a natural high. Many vets report this has been invaluable to replace harmful addictions. Skeptical views on qi are instantly overcome by the tangible waves of vibration that dissolve tension and relax tight muscles.”  

      Todd Nichols is a brave teacher sharing Breath Empowerment with more than 1,000 veterans. “Sometimes in lockdown facilities where chairs are held down with bags of sand it can be challenging to lead qigong breathing. Frequent outbursts and flickering florescent lights compound the difficulties of teaching in the VA buildings themselves. Veterans are guarded and apprehensive,” explains Primack. “Todd draws them in and challenges them to take huge breaths, swallow it and hold it in their belly. A crammed room becomes momentarily silent, smiles and then scattered giggles. All it takes is their breathing participation and it works.” 

      Primack shares that while traumatic memories are not erased, their grip on muscles and mind is temporarily lessened long enough for veterans to realize they have control over their mind with their breath. “Our technique 9-Breath Method oxygenates to the core creating a wave of peace that shuts down over-thinking. Breath Training is the best thing veterans can use to regulate stress without drugs.”

        Qi Revolution is the event where most people first encounter Primack and his instructors. “When hundreds of people do qigong in one room, a profound group energy is created. It quickens people’s ability to feel qi and progress. We keep the conference price affordable and free of vendors to maintain integrity and focus at our trainings,” he shares.



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