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Resolving Painful Pasts to End Addiction: Radical Recovery

At the heart of most addictions is an inability to deal with the emotional pain inside. The impulse is to run away, or do anything to reduce distress. Really, all we want is to feel good. And alcohol and drugs are perfect foils: just one sip or swallow sends the “feel-good” brain chemical dopamine coursing through our system. And so we feel good, but only for a little while.

A key to resolving addictive behaviors lies in addressing the pain from which we’re so busy running. When we make peace with bad experiences, traumatic memories, negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and frozen behavior patterns, it’s possible to get off the addiction road and back on the path to feeling truly good and connected.

While we can’t change our pasts, we can change our minds. The self-help technique, FasterEFT, offers a way for us to change the way we hold bad memories in our mind, and let go of the negative emotions attached to them.

When we release the troubling feelings holding us stuck replaying out the past painful memories, our subconscious mind begins to change how we see and act in life, and how we perceive the world. Life begins to look and feel good because we are no longer holding onto the negative painful references. No more pain, no more running, no more addiction. Thus, the addiction, really just a symptom, can naturally resolve.

FasterEFT founder Robert G. Smith has had a unique collaboration with long-term treatment center Habilitat in Hawaii. Volunteering skills and time over the past six years, he and his team of international master practitioners use the FasterEFT addiction protocol to help residents address serious hardcore addiction behaviors and haunting memories. The results have been profound and residents now use this technique to deal with challenges on a day-to-day basis. The program returns in July.

Robert Smith will lead a two-day experiential taste of FasterEFT and five-day Level 1 training in Las Vegas from August 15 to 21. For more information, visit See FasterEFT in action by visiting

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