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Izzy Tihanyi, owner of Surf Diva, in San Diego.

Izzy Tihanyi, owner of Surf Diva, in San Diego.

Twenty years ago I took my first mother/daughter surf lesson with Izzy Tihanyi, owner of Surf Diva. In the two decades since we first took that lesson, I’ve watched this true surf diva’s business soar. She truly found her calling by blending her two loves—the ocean and teaching.

I just recently returned from my first surf camp to Costa Rica with Surf Diva instructor Marianne King. What an awesome experience! Marianne’s passion shined through and it was a delight to see her at work doing what she loves to do. Happiness for all us occurs via osmosis.

Howler monkeys, friendly service, beautiful weather and beaches surrounded us.

We took beach walks at night under the new moon and stars with oodles of crabs scrambling near our feet. It felt amazing to be so “at one” with nature.

Our package included a variety of delicious local meals at various restaurants, yoga and a massage to stretch and repair our sore surfing muscles. We were stoked to see a student from the UK improve her surfing skills and raise her confidence level. I was stoked to be in warm water and back on a prone board. I was also thrilled not to lug my own board since Surf Diva supplies all the necessary surfing equipment along with a goodie bag!  

For women who want to venture out and learn how to surf and or just take a trip with like-minded water women…Surf Diva is the place to go.

Surf Diva is located at 2160 Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla. For more information, call 858-454-8273 or visit

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