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Become More Joyful and Resilient with Brain Training

Dr. Danielle Chavalarias, owner of InnerOptimal in Encinitas along with her daughter Marie-Laure Wagner, is passionate about helping others live a healthy, happy life. After receiving her naturopathic degree in France in 1982, she ran the first European Holistic Healing Institute in Southwest France. After 12 successful years in Europe, she relocated to the United States.

       For over 40 years, Chavalarias, known to most as Dr. Danielle, has worked on the power of the mind. She is an advanced trainer in NeurOptimal-neurofeedback brain training, a holistic health teacher and French psychotherapist who has successfully helped others manage their stress and anxiety through emotional mastery and brain training. She couldn’t be more pleased with the results achieved with the NeurOptimal brain training system. “So many of us feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel,” she says. “We’re all working so much, we don’t eat or sleep well, we have concentration and memory problems. We’re a society of overwhelmed individuals who have lost our stamina and ability to problem- solve. But, there is a safe, effective way to get back your vigor, feel more joy in your life and more success in your business and work with our brain training program.”

       Marie-Laure Wagner, Brain Improvement Specialist, Peak Performance Coach and NeurOptimal representative, can attest to the effectiveness of the program.  “Years ago, I was going through a challenging time in my life. I was depressed and found myself constantly procrastinating. I needed a way to be more efficient, clear and happy in my mind and heart. I didn’t want to take medicine,” she affirms.  That was when she and her mom discovered NeurOptimal brain training technology. The results, says Wagner, were nothing short of amazing.

       So profound, in fact, that her mother decided to test the program out for herself.  “I had a deeper quality of sleep, better concentration and focus,” says Chavalarias. “The results were astounding, and we knew we had to add it to our business.”

       “Brain training helps you to become more of who you are so you can access your talent and potential. We’ve witnessed so many life transformations through this program. It’s what makes us wake up and go to work every day,” says Wagner.

       According to the pair, the technology does wonders for those with anxiety, depression and PTSD. “It clears your brain of trauma and emotional blocks so you can start fresh again and become more engaged in your life—at any age.” It also helps those going through difficult health challenges. “We work with people who have had strokes or heart attacks, cancer or who are going through chemotherapy. It’s so hard on them emotionally. This program helps you think more clearly so you stay more engaged, more hopeful, more present in your life.”

       However, you don’t have to go through major health challenges to achieve amazing, lasting results with the training. “As we mentioned, so many of us are overwhelmed, just from managing our lives,” says Chavalarias. “Whether you’re a CEO or a busy mom, this science-backed advanced neurofeedback technology can help you develop the emotional resiliency you need to respond to any of the events that occur in your life.”

       For those wondering what brain training is, the team at InnerOptimal share that it is like fitness training for the brain. “Our brains are more flexible than most people realize. Resilience and flexibility are very important aspects of our everyday lives. When you are in fight or flight response, you see only what is right in front of you and you close up. A closed person is overwhelmed; they’ve pushed themselves way too far, for way too long,” explains Wagner. 

       If we want to be successful in our personal and business lives, affirms Chavalarias, we need to be able to open up to a bigger vision of our lives. “Brain Peak Performance training technology can help you do that by training your central nervous system to become more resilient. Once your brain re-balances itself, it can function at a higher level. Then it’s easier for you to have a more holistic vision of your life. In this place, you can better achieve your goals and dreams.”

       InnerOptimal is offering a special discount for a discovery session to anyone mentioning this article. A discovery session is designed to assess each person’s unique goals. It is a full physical, emotional and mental evaluation, followed by a customized brain peak performance training program. While InnerOptimal offers in-house brain training sessions, NeurOptimal brain training can be done anywhere in the world from your home or office. 

       How does it work? During a session, the program follows the brainwave activity of each person. “There is a very unique relationship between you and your brain,” says Chavalarias. “We all have patterns that we’ve formed that aren’t working for our highest good. Brain Peak Performance training helps you change those patterns so you can become your best self and live your life to the fullest. Most people see a difference after the very first session.”

InnerOptimal Brain Peak Performance Center is located at 2210 Encinitas Blvd., Ste. L, in Encinitas. For more information, call 760-633-3328 or visit


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